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boxed car timer switch time relay 0 to 40 sec kit 12V20Adelay off universal

Time relay with accuracy from 0 to 40 seconds.
$16.00 From $9.20

Mini CAR LED dimming Fade on/off module 0n time 7s,Fade off time 14s 12V 1A 12w

This module make fade on effect, when switch is turned on and fade off effect when switch is turned off. The module can be used in any LED light up to 12W in the home or car.

led car repair SRS airbag abs light timer switch 1 to 10 sec kit delay off 12V

Timer with accuracy from 1 to 10 seconds.

positive switching car dome interior light delay switch timer 1 to 25 S 10A 12V

In new cars when the door is closed, interior (dome) light switched off after 1- 25 seconds, but this is feature is not present in the old cars. This module is designed to do this function. When Door is open - the light will switch on. When the door is closed - the light will stay on for set delay time( 1-25 sec) and then will switch off.

car airbag light timer switch time relay 1 to 10 sec kit delay off 12V 1A 12W

Car Airbag Time relay with accuracy from 1 to 25 seconds.

SMD DRL timer switch relay 1 to 90 sec kit delay OFF start car lights 12V 20A

Time relay with accuracy from 0 to 90 seconds. Ultra compact - 26mm/20mm/14mm